Thursday, January 28, 2021

Now....The rest of the Story.....

 Okay, So I'm using Paul Harvey's line. It isn't the first time. The post on Tuesday was some (13) ComC Braves (Hank Aaron). The remaining 18 cards from that 31 card order were also Braves with the exception of 2 cards, and here they will appear. 

Some notes needed here. That Kolby Allard jersey autograph is also in the next shipment, oops but hey pretty sure I only paid a buck and change for the one coming. Craig Kimbrel is the fist pump photo variation (which I probably have already somewhere). Eddie Mathews is a Legend variation need from 2010 Topps. The Ozzie Select polishes off a team set build.

A Verlander RC I had bought way back when and forgot about and have since picked another up to close out that set build, but hey he is a PC guy so it it is all good. And there is that damn Chicken that closed out the 2020 Donruss set build. The scan does NOT do it justice and this card is super shiny.

I have a real treat at least for me and any Braves fan coming up Saturday night.


  1. I like the base cards from the high end brands that get overlooked since they aren’t the hits.

  2. You can never have too many Verlander rookie cards. And that Chicken card is awesome!

  3. "fist pump variation"? Oh, Topps...