Tuesday, January 26, 2021

I lied.......It's Wacky Wednesday

 Sue me. Last week I said that was the last Wacky Wednesday for the Wacky Packages.

No, I didn't go buy the monthly release. I am done with that like I said. I was browsing my scan folder and there were some WP files I hadn't posted in years. So I'll do that for the next few weeks and then delete them.

The files found were the Old School Series stickers 5-8. here is series 5.

Series 6 up next week.


  1. A Night Owl Wacky! (sort of)

    Entertained by the Hoo-Has. But that "Fondue Berry" isn't even in the same solar system as "Boo-Berry".

  2. Star Wreck is cool. Nyt-owl is cooler. But Kitten Chow Mein is the coolest.