Monday, January 25, 2021

Tribute to the Hammer.

 No other way to say it, but it is Hammer time. 

Inside SunTrust Park.

Hanks' statue inside the park.

After I first posted about the passing of the Hammer, I stated that I was going home to get my Hank Aaron binder and give him a proper Tribute. Well........I didn't go home this Saturday I will next (hopefully), but I posted that too. I WILL still make that post (Tribute). However, I find this an appropriate preliminary Tribute to him as well.  Tribute being a key word. You see, Way back last year I stated that I was DONE with ComC after waiting months to get an order after requesting it be shipped. The problem I had at the time was the store credit I had. I spent a bunch of it right then, and I decided to "request shipment" a few weeks ago. I got them today.....Whoa, I have since spent damn near all of the credit, down to very little (literally .56) and those cards are sitting in my inventory. Heck I may just do another request (I just did). Anyways, let's get back to the Hammer. The order that came in just today had 31 cards and 13 of them were Hank. I forgot all about them, I bought them last month. All needs for the Braves team and many will also go into the Hank PC eventually.

Today, I am showing those 13 cards, and I'll show the other 18 in a separate post.

2002 Topps 206 Black Tolstoi back, and the last hold on SP for the 2018 GQ.

This one is the last Braves team card I needed for the "MINI" set.

2018 TSC Chrome & the 2020 TSC Black Foil.

This one is the 2014 TSC Raibow Foil.

2019 Evolution insert (Acuna on back). I already have one of these, but I need two becaus eboth players need one in their PC. 2018 Topps On Demand Reflection.

2019 TSC Chrome.

2012 Trbute.

2017 Tribute.

2020 Tribute, these three Tribute cards are the reason I thought it would be an appropriate post.

2020 Triple Threads.

Okay this will suffice until I get the Hank binder up here.


  1. Nice cards. Looking forward to peeking in the Hank Aaron binder.

  2. I like the Stadium Club the best. And any tribute to Hank is one I will read.

  3. Stadium Club sure does take care of the legends in the game. All four of these are beautiful.

  4. Gypsy Queen is a set that I don't usually care much for, but I sure do like there SP legends, they make for nice additions to what is an otherwise boring set.