Saturday, January 16, 2021


 Moving right into the cards from the next seller I got in this week. 

I really like these A & G Chrome cards. Now I have never really got past the 2nd release of A & G and the regular card design, it was old that fast for me. 

Aren't these Braves just beautiful?

On top there are two 2020 Topps mini's, which reminds me of just how pissed off I am at Topps.

They were selling team sets, mini's. I ordered two sets. Regular team sets came in. I notified them, no reply beyond the auto reply. I've since reached out 4 more times (I'll do it again today). I have yet to to get a reply, answer, or refund. Let's just say my patience if 100% gone here.. I want my friggin money or the mini's NOW!   One more thing to to add to the list of things I hate about TOPPS.

Now, The last 3 cards are Super 70's. I grabbed Dusty not knowing he wouldn't be a Braves card. I bought them from this same seller on SportLots (SCastrol). I took a chance at less than a buck. 

Good thing he is a PC guy.

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  1. 5 emails and not a single response? That's no bueno. Hope it gets resolved soon.