Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Incoming Braves

 I got another package from SportLots yesterday (3 actually). Two of them were for set builds and I won't bore you with those. I'll be posting the Braves portion today.

All needed Braves like the 

2017 Heritage Minors
2018 Tribute (you'll see a slew of these tomorrow).
2018 Holiday Metallic
1994 Stadium Club TEAM (I need a slew of these still).
2020 Ben Baller (my first ever)
2020 Topps Update rainbow

Acuna got another highlights set in Update this year (well, last year). Topps again has gone NUTS. There are 4 parallels of these..... WHY??????????

Three Stadium Club Chrome, and a pair of Update inserts.

That's all for today


  1. That Soroka is cool. Miss going to games at AT&T.

  2. Props to you for still trying to land all the Braves of these very modern, very insane sets. I've basically given up on my team collecting for current cards, except to get the base sets and any random things that I like.

    1. Everything you see was .18-.50. each. At that price, I'll do it.

  3. I know I'm in the minority but I like the '68 design.

  4. I was wondering if you were doing that Acuña Highlights set. I have a slew set aside for you including 2 blue ones.

  5. That Murphy looks very cool. The uniform + the card shine must look great in person.