Friday, January 29, 2021

Rolling with the Flow

 The flow of cards this year has been non stop. I love it. I've knocked out a lot of set build needs which I have spared you good folks from posting those. I have however been posting the Braves additions to the team sets and my PC guys for the most part. I haven't showed a ton of the PC guys, probably half of them and that is okay. I do hit the ones that tend to stand out.

Needless to say, there are several scans of cards Braves for sure, and some PC guys. The scans are stacking up. Over the next week or so I will try to get them posted by jumbling together highlights from several SportLots sellers at times. 

I know this will leave me without posting material in the near future, but I'm okay with that for now.

A few high end HOFers and a Blue parallel.

I will say this that I picked up a ton of the 2018 Optic 
diamond kings parallels, a lot. I haven't paid much attention to the Blue parallel of the Big League, I now have 4 of the Braves.

I love the Ernie Banks card. Satchel Paige Braves card.

Good spot as any to close out tonight.


  1. That Banks is a fun one! I'm surprised that I haven't seen it on the blogs before?

    1. I don't recall seeing it either, and get this it is a base card from Archives.

  2. Love the Tribute Aaron, Big League Albies, and that Satchel Paige. Don't think I've seen any of them before, but they're good looking cards.