Sunday, January 3, 2021

Just a few

 Saturday brought four packages from Sportlots (1 was a PWE). I've picked the highlight from each. 

1972 Kellogg's ATG.

2008 TSC. Great shot of the Mick.

Ichiro rookie, the most expensive of the entire order.

The last card needed to close out my 1994 Score Rookie/Traded set build.

See just a few to show off.


  1. Of these 4 cards, the Speaker speaks to me the most. Bad pun, wow. But the Ichiro RC is the one I want. Any Ichiro rc is a good Ichiro rc.

  2. Love the 1972 Kellogg's ATGs. And that's one of my favorite Ichiro rookie cards, because 2001 Fleer Tradition reminds me of 1956 Topps.

  3. Kudos to Topps for using that Mantle photo. It's shots like that that make Stadium Club fun.

  4. That Speaker is a beauty. I really love that set, but never seem to come across them in the wild.

  5. ATGs are excellent cards. Still building my collection. As for the Club Mantle - wow! I ain't never saw that one. Gotta get me a copy.