Saturday, January 9, 2021


 Recently there have been a few posts relating to the Topps/Twitter Super 70's cards. For anyone that has followed this blog over the last 7 1/2 years knows that I don't Tweet or any other "social media" outside of this blog and e-mail if you can put those in the category (I don't). I can't stand texting either for that matter, but let's get to baseball cards. I looked at the cards mention above and I am awaiting some from Sportlots. I don't have a problem with them, at least what I have seen. It will do. 

I think if Topps wants to partner with someone, they should look back at Kellogg's (even Post), pretty sure that would make everyone hopeful. Of course that would depend on them sticking to the original designs, which might extinguish the hope knowing they wouldn't dare stick to the originals. I digress, my disappointment with Topps has been accruing over the years with so damn many parallels and chase cards. Still yet, even that is NOT my current disappointment. No......I recently placed an order on the Topps website. I bought two different items. Braves "mini" set, which came in and was not "mini". I already have notified them twice and still haven't heard back. SUCKS! The other item came in yesterday. What I thought was the complete set of Attax cards. Yeah, my bad, not even close to a complete set. Let me tell you they suck and I will show you "the keepers" here today. 

I have never really liked the Attax designs over the years, but I am a team collector first and foremost so I needed the Braves. Each box comes with 2 "superstars" inserts I guess. Red and blue differentiate the National and American leagues. Not very impressive. There are a total of 5 Braves on the checklist. I got one, the Soroka.  Disappointment for sure.

Each box contains the game piece cards. You get a bunch of singles, a few doubles, 1 tripe, and 4 home run cards. 

Blah blah blah. 


  1. Half of these sets that are ‘online only’ I haven’t even heard of. Just seems to be making more and more cards that people can’t get into their collection because it is only online and not in retail or a shop, and it’s just another thing that team/player collectors have to track down. And you hit the nail on the head with the fact that the billions of parallels are unnecessary. When I look at my want list, I have the majority of sets that were produced listed on them for the ‘90’s and before because I have either heard of the sets or have 1 or more cards from them in my collection. In the mid ‘00’s, some fall between the cracks just because of the start of 5+ parallels per set. As the years go by, it’s just a smaller and smaller percentage listed than what was actually produced just because of online only sets that just are too tough to track down and too overpriced for me to justify spending money on, hundreds of Topps Now cards I will never be able to land, and like 10-20 parallels per set, insert set, and online only set. Even if I was a billionaire with all the free time in the world, it is just too much of a chore to get everything. Topps is just throwing lame ideas up against a wall, and if something sticks, it is a new online only set. They don’t lose money because they aren’t making packs, they are just producing only what is ordered, and when they set the price, all they have to do is make up a halfway decent looking mock of a card or two, and a write up that convinces more than 3 people to buy it. Even if they don’t sell anything, it really hasn’t cost them much more than a day or two of work from 2-3 employees. They have found the perfect cash cow for the time being, but will be kicking themselves when all of the current collectors die off.
    I’m glad you’ve been able to get a few of these online sets, but wish they were better quality and that you would’ve actually pulled something decent. Thanks for thinking of me with the DeJong when you got the online UK cards. Again, another online set I’ve never heard of lol.

  2. I'm always down for a good rant post in regards to Topps and their modern online exclusive stuff, because they remind me that I'm not alone.

  3. I hate online exclusives! I also hate texting, and often feel like I'm the only one who does. It's nice to know that that isn't so :)