Friday, September 4, 2020

Yours, mine, somebodies favorite players

Like the title says here are the rest of the keepers from the 2020 Topps Fire. See if you can find your players or team. Starting with the rookies.

Now moving on to the PC guys.

Have a great night! Be safe this weekend!


  1. Out of all that just one would fit in my collection..

  2. I see a Castro and a Cabrera card. If there are more Tigers, I cannot tell. Funky cards.

    Never bad when you can add a Miguel Cabrera card to your collection.

  3. Individually, there are a decent number of cards here I probably wouldn't mind. But seeing them all together, I am thinking that the Fire stuff just isn't for me. Doesn't feel like baseball cards for some reason. To each their own though! I do like the 'Flame Thrower' inserts though.

    1. I'm with you on the set for the most part. It's just too much.

  4. Trying to figure out if this set is catering to kids from the 80's or kids from the 90's. Always happy to see Gwynn make an appearance in a current Topps product.