Thursday, September 10, 2020

Wonderful BAD cards

I picked these up at the card show too. They are in bad condition. But they are wonderful.

1966 Batman. Red bats obviously.  I've never made a list on this set. I just grab up cheap copies when I can, and take them back home. An older version of me will one day make a want/have list for this set. No, not next week on birthday. Speaking of which, my COMC order was supposed to have been shipped on 8/31. It did not, I had to complain. Looks like I won't have my huge order by my birthday (9/16).

Be safe, and smile.


  1. Beautiful bat cards. When it comes to certain cards... condition definitely matters. But there are a lot of cards out there where condition isn't that important. These fall into that category.

    P.S. Shame to hear about COMC. I feel like there are several other bloggers including myself waiting on shipments. Hopefully the delay is minimal.

  2. One of these days I'll grab a batch of Bat cards. My youngest has always loved Batman and while he's not quite old enough to take care of vintage responsibly I know he'll love these in a few years when he is.

  3. I've got over 100 cards in my COMC account right now, most of which I'd really like to have in hand, but I keep hoping that they'll get their sh*t together at some point, so I can put in my shipping request, and actually get my stuff in a timely manner.

  4. BATMAN! love the original series! I placed a COMC ship order around the first of August. Paid the second level shipping which came out to .35 cents a card, I think it was. Had those cards in my hands ten days later. Perhaps peeps like me are responsible for some of their continued delays. {8^O

    1. multi-hundreds of cards in my order. They still haven't shipped.