Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Wacky Wednesday:

Tonight is a really really short post. Just one sticker. As you  know I went to a card show this past Saturday. While at the show I picked up 45 ORIGINAL Wacky Package stickers. I needed 40 of them for collections. It was the biggest purchase that I made there. I got snookered though. As there were 48 stickers in the stack, when I had to go to my vehicle to get my check book. I did not check the stack when I got back. The three missing stickers when I got home were from the series 15 which I didn't have any at all. I was greatly disappointed. Series 15 stickers all book for $10.00 a piece. So in EX condition I was out $15.00. However, the numb skull left a BIG one from series 1 in my stack.

I have the complete cloth series 1. I needed the complete series 1 base stickers. There are 4 big ones in the set. The second rarest sticker books for $100.00. I got it! It was in my stack and in EX shape as well.

This one is a great sticker. 3 more biggies and half of the basic stickers left to complete it. Next week I will highlight the 2020 Underground Wacky package set that I was intending to do tonight. The following week I will be showing the Topps 2020 complete July run (5 weeks).

Be safe and live a little.


  1. Whoa. The dealer pulled three cards out of your stack while you went to get your checkbook? That's shady. Is this a dealer you've seen before? Not cool. That's bad. Real bad. Sorry to hear about that, but glad you were able to land that rare sticker.

    1. No, he was one of the new guys, well since Jan. anyway.