Thursday, September 24, 2020

ComC: phase 3

 Time to get moving with that huge ComC order. This round will just be "regular" Braves. I think that I can say that.

Well, maybe not exactly regular.

Some 2020 YELLOW!

A pair of 2019 YELLOW  and a pink mini numbered to just 50!

582 Montgomery and Total, not your everyday regular for sure. I did already pick some of those up on Sport Lots.

Heritage Chrome, 1 a refractor. Ginter X Seion.  No neon there.


Finishing tonight with some super shiny.


  1. The Decades' Best seems like a good theme.
    Some nice Acunas too.

  2. That Stengel is cool. That's a TCMA set I didn't know about, but am interested in tracking down.

  3. Nice to see a different picture of Warren Spahn on that Elite Dominator.