Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Wacky Wednesday: 2020 Underground set.

The underground set is just 1 9 card set this year. There is a puzzle, and 3 ovary variations. I Have them all.

Drawing attention to the Coronox sticker/card.

This is the puzzle....Ovary show. I flipped the middle card around as it was not covered up so to speak. No need in showing the 3 new released variations as noted on the checklist. It is the same as the puzzle with a "scratch off" panty color. I own those 3 plus the blue, green, and I think the original. Not sure about that anymore.

Next week I will be showing the Topps July, the whole month's worth.

Be safe, have a little fun. Oh yeah, it's my birthday and normally I would be doing my normal 9/16 post. I will have to do that one tomorrow.


  1. Hope you did something fun. Or had a special meal at least.

    I'm voting for Mister Faulty.

    The ovary puzzle seems like it should be age-restricted. But I'm not a parent, so it isn't my issue I guess.

  2. Wait. Who produces these? This can't be a Topps product, right? If so... I can see these being very popular on the secondary market.

    1. Most certainly not Topps and not authorized. A guy or two from the Wacky Packages dot org circle. Originally there were a dozen in the group that produced the sets going back to 2005, 2008, 2011, 2014, 2018. I posted them all in the past.

    2. That makes sense. Very unique collectible... especially for the diehard Wacky Packages collector.