Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Picked Pockets

 The last few months Julie over at A Cracked Bat has been putting up some good cards. I chimed in most of the time this summer. Let us take a peek and my picks plus a couple of special cards Julie sent me.

All PC guys.parallels included.

Pink city which will come in handy in a couple of weeks. BTW.....Collecting Cutch is doing a contest in preparation for his upcoming October daily tribute to saving the , um  Breast Cancer Awareness month.

I definitely made some great picks for my collection and the Camo parallels go into my para box.

Now for two cards that get Jules some major brownie points...Who doesn't love brownies?

BOX TOPPERS/LOADERS Yes, these get Julie entered into the Oct & Nov Bingo games.

Reminder for those dates 10/23 and 11/20 (both are on a Friday). I will be e-mailing those cards to the following people.

Nick, Alex, AJ, PTown, Bo, DK, and of course Julie. there is still time to get me some NEEDED Braves to qualify.


  1. I like the Machados. They look like Fire and Ice, though I'm guessing they're both Topps Fire.

  2. Julie has been giving away some fantastic cards this year.