Saturday, September 12, 2020

Way back when.

Yesterday as it is every year is a POWERFUL day. It is and always will be a reminder of just how strong we Americans are. WE can get through anything, WE will get through everything. Tyranny, anarchy or whatever you would like to label it, is flat out absolutely WRONG. 9/11/20 yesterday I was reminded by video clips of President George W. Bush after the 9/11 attacks about a card set that was given to the troops the following year. "Iraqi's 55 Most Wanted" ONLY 200 gov't printed sets were produced. So NO, I'm not talking about a card set with Bin laden in it. I'm talking about the card set released for the Gulf War in Iraq. This card set was reproduced (FOR THE MOST PART) for civilians/retail shortly after the Gov't cards were printed, but still had not been distributed. Today we are reviewing that retail set with UPDATED information as of 9/11/2020. The prices on Ebay are all over the place for this cheap set. ranging from 5-$700.00 They are not the original, you will not find an original on the open market. They are the "fake" sets.

Iraqi 52 Most Wanted list. Released as a card deck. Our military past & present has done this type of "most wanted" several times. But the set below was not not Gov't issued, it is a reproduced commercial set.  I can't say that enough.

 Captured 7/9/06, but actually maybe STILL AT LARGE.

Captured 5/24/03. Released 12/18/05.

Captured 2/15/04.

Captured 4/13/03 and died naturally on 8/13/15.

Surrendered 4/2003. I believe released 4/2012.

Surrendered 2003.Released 7/2012.

Died 6/5/2015, I believe from a suicide attempt while in prison. He was depressed and in bad health and wanted to die.

Killed in 2003.

Captured 6/14/03, and released 8/2007.

Captured 5/15/03. died 10/28/10.

Died in US custody 12/5/05.

Died 1/25/2010 by suicide.

Executed 12/30/06.

Captured 5/20/03.

Captured 5/24/03.

Captured 4/17/03.

Captured 4/17/03, executed in 2007.

Captured 4/27/03, and released in 2005.

Captured 6/4/03, died 5/20/03.

Surrendered 4/29/03.

Surrendered 4/20/03.

Captured 6/9/03.

Surrendered 5/2003.

Surrendered 5/17/03.

Supposedly still at large, my guess he has long since died.

Killed in 2003.

Captured 5/7/03.

Captured 5/15/03.

Captured 4/19/03.

Captured 5/7/03. released 2005.

Captured 4/23/03.

Captured 4/23/03.

Captured in 2003 died 7/19/2020.

Surrendered 7/9/03, died 5/16/2020.

Captured 5/2/03.

Still at large.

Captured 7/23/03.

Still at large.

Killed in 2003.

Captured 5/15/03.

Captured 2/7/04.

Killed in 2003.

Captured in 2015.

Died of cancer in 2013.

Surrendered 4/12/03.

Captured 4/18/03. died 2012.

Captured 6/7/03 died in exile 2009.

Executed 2007.

Still at large.

Captured 4/23/03. Released 4/2012.

Sentenced to die in 2011, but hasn't been executed yet.

Executed 6/7/12.

Looks like the list was pretty much wiped out. We still have boots on the ground in the middle east, but they are slowly returning home. It will be a great day when the only US soldiers in the middle east are the Marines posted at an US Embassy or are vacation.


  1. Wow. Kudos for the effort you put into this post.

  2. I want to know why some of them were released.

  3. It will be a great day when all of our service members can finally come home, unfortunately I don't think that gonna get to anytime soon. Our last president said that he was going to bring them home, and never did. Our current president said that he was going to bring them home, he hasn't yet. Between the two of them, they've had twelve years to bring our people home, and haven't... I'm not holding out much hope that the next one will put any more effort into it than the last two have.

    1. You can't believe what you hear on the news. Check the small town local papers. We have had many soldiers come home in recent years. Valdosta is an Air Force town. This year alone over 2K came back from AFG/Germany. Last year was close to a 1K, same for 2018 (8-900 each year). This is just one base. We will always have apx 3-5K deployed if nothing but at Embassies around the world. There should be 3K (ground troops) coming home in 2-3 weeks. I am positive that we'll get a few more thousand back home before Christmas too. With the Peace deals going on over there, should expedite the matter. After all, it is part of the peace deal, pulling out our troops.

    2. We also maintain 800 military bases overseas in 70 countries. In essence we will NEVER have all of our troops home. The issue at hand is that of getting those "boots" on the ground in the Middle East in War zones home. We will ALWAYS have to maintain a CTU in these areas. So I can see a few thousand remaining forever. We have too to keep the terrorist at bay.

  4. I remember hearing about this deck. Thank you for posting and for your research.