Tuesday, September 8, 2020

The NAMES missed yesterday

Just jumping right in to the remaining Keepers.

Aaron Judge and like the ones highlighted yesterday many of these were known dupes for me, but I couldn't pass them up.

Vlad. Jr. Yes, I knowing grabbed dupes too.

I say that I got luxy.

I must take a minute here to focus of the Devers Donruss all parallels. As you can tell from the card backs however two are variations.  (the left and center). The only thing I can see different about the two is ON THE BACK  Beantown vs. Boston. Seriously. Please don't start going there.

Some Yordy's.


A pair of Betts parallels and the set of Jeter that I probably don't need and won't know until summer 2021.

Grabbed some Sanchez.

Love the Tebow, Tatis Jr., and the Witt. Fisk is great too. But the Fauci card is what set off yesterday's post. Like him or hate him, or in my case..... both.

Be safe live life.


  1. Some nice Judge cards. More proof that Panini would be kicking Topps ass with a license.

  2. That's a Lotta Lux. Fortunately I have the majority of those.

    P.S.: Some of those Panini cards are atrocious.

  3. I hope Torres and Sanchez can get their acts together and be worth including in your keepers. They've both been pretty bad this year.

  4. Those are some sweet Devers cards. I like the chain link fence backdrop on the first one.