Tuesday, September 1, 2020

2020 Topps Chrome & Archives

A lot of Archives.

Here you see the make up of this years Archives, well except for the 76 Traded, and the 55 Bowman. Yeah, 55 Bowman, not getting that one yet although it is actually an insert.

Slid in a couple of Topps Chrome there and below.

Okay, back to the Archives.

Let's switch it up with some Rookies.

Here are those 55' Bowman.

The backs are horrible.

Good night and come back tomorrow for Wacky Wednesday followed up with 2020 Fire on Thursday and Friday.


  1. I see you're not allergic to ho cards like I am.

    Voting for Clemente.

  2. Saw the Koufax on another blog and liked it. I think it's my favorite card from that set so far.

  3. I like how the '74-style Washington card is in Padres colors.

  4. Thanks for the scans...at least I can see what the cards look like!