Monday, September 14, 2020

2020 Stadium Club. A big show

Saturday before last in Jax. I eyeballed the Stadium cub Hobby boxes. They were $120.00. based on the card count, it would 3 boxes to get enough cards for the set. However, still not guaranteed to get the complete base set. Sure autos are nice. But no way was I going to go that route. I came home and hit up Ebay. Here is the complete base set and the Bash and Burn set.

Looks likes something from the late 90's.

I'm only showing the card fronts. Yes, I rotated some of them.

The photos used are great, but for some reason I just feel like the quality isn't there. Not sure if it is the less glossy look or slightly thinner card stock. Just not going to be my vote for best set of the year, even with the great photos used.

There you go all 300 cards. Photo selection is great, but not enough for me to go nuts over. I am glad I only paid $75 delivered for the set. Throw in the $25.00 Ebay coupon even better.

Be safe.


  1. Yowsah. You're one of the quickest workers I know. I haven't even seen a single Stadium Club card in hand yet, although I've been in a couple team breaks.

  2. That Kershaw is sweet! Varitek too. Actually... this set is loaded with awesome photography. I probably should just bite the bullet and purchase a complete set.

  3. Wow, I haven't seen a lot of these cards yet. So much great stuff - Yastrzemski, Varitek...heck, I even like the Judge card!

  4. Thanks for showing off the set! Lots of great photos as usual.