Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Wacky Package (S)

Here we are midweek and another Wacky Wednesday. Tonight we have a dual post if you will. The first portion of this post is a "package" sent to me by none other than the Night Owl himself.

8 for 8. all needed Braves. Down to just 1 more Gold 94' Topps Braves.


Tops pair both needs. No idea why I didn't have that Murphy. The Bowman card is not a Braves need but a set build need.

Middle pair is what makes this portion of the post Wacky. I did not need this pair and probably have a several of each. However, in Greg's defense my website showed that I did need them. Often I find cards listed as needs when I know I have deleted them before. I can not explain this. I go and see they are listed I open the page and immediately hit "save" without making any changes at all and wahlah it shows they are no longer there as needs. As for the orange Big League, most definitely not a need, nor did it show it on the site. But guess what? The card also has DeGrom on it and I collect him, so that works.

Now let's get to the Wacky Packages for the entire month of August.

Here we have both checklists, a pair of Wacky Initials, a pair of the coupon back variations, and a pair of the Guest Artist chase cards.


Puzzle 1.

The checklist cards.

The rest of the cards.

Puzzle 2.  

September has 5 weeks of sticker, and I only have week 1 as of today. I am waiting on the rest to come in. While we wait, I will either post some of the other Wacky Packages that I have yet to show this year from the past. That or I will just make some kind of regular post.

Go have some fun. At the writing of this post my Braves are batting in the bottom of the 6th in a 0-0 game. Go Braves.


  1. I get to share a post with Wackies!

    Love the cereal Wackies.

  2. I'm with Night Owl. I really like the cereal boxes.

  3. That game stayed 0-0 for a long time. For you it was worth it, and you've got an early game today.