Sunday, September 20, 2020

I waited

 I waited to see if anyone posted the new A & G. I guess I'll dump it on y'all.

Gold mini's. I picked these up last Friday.

regular mini's, but keepers.

Black, AG back, and RED (limited numbered to 25!) mini's. I'll post more mini's like inserts and others that NOT keepers.  Hint Hint Hint.

Inserts. Regular that is besides the framed mini relic of Arod.

Okay now for some base card keepers.

The shelves at Walmart were absolutely LOADED with 2020 A&G and TSC. 

Mini inserts, and are NOT keepers.

Non KEEPER inserts.

Enjoy the week. 


  1. Gotta track down those Rickey minis... and see who else is on the Field Generals checklist.

  2. I found some A&G while shopping today. I didn't buy much. Certainly not that much.

  3. That Ty Cobb card is terrific.

    I'm going to go for completing the Field General set, and the 9 Different ways to reach first base Mini set.

    Good Job. 👍

  4. The photo processing on Ginter this year doesn't look too bad. I'll grab some singles eventually. Really not feeling the mismatched drop shadows where the Allen&Ginter shadow and "photo" shadow suggest two different light sources.