Thursday, October 31, 2019

Warner Robins goodness

Middle Ga Sportscards: the name says it all. You know they are going to have a ton of Braves stuff.

All of the Braves shown here tonight were needed (well most of them).

I loaded up an Chipper and more so on Andruw as Charlie had a couple of boxes sitting on top of one of his counters. Those will have to wait until I update the PC's again and get to the "J's". Pretty sure I needed most of Jones boys as my set builds for the base and parallels were needed in the team set so they go there first.

Another World Heaquarters cards back in my collection.

Bonze, Silver, and Gold Pacific.

Those 1998 Topps "Minted in Cooperstown" parallels slip by me all of the time. Not this time.

Like I said a lot of Andruw.

Sure is a lot of cards that wound up costing me a dime a piece.

Now....Those Orange refractors on the bottom row (plus the 1 above them) had $25.00 stickers on them. They are also numbered to /25. I told Charlie that I wasn't paying that for those cards, as they were nobodies. Not to take away from those players, but y'all know what I mean. He said don't worry about it kept them in my stack, and at the end of the day cost me a dime.

Quite a bit of color in that scan. Even a couple of mini jerseys and an auto.

Did you see that buyback?

Got to love that Topps Indepence Day card of Vizcaino.

A couple of autos including that Allard! Some TSC black, red, b/w too. 150 year parallels. Dime!

DIME DIME DIME. I love it. I'm going to try to go back this weekend, not sure I'll make it.

Next WR post will be the non-Braves cards.

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  1. Love that 1983 Fleer Braves sticker! Great way to kick off this post.