Monday, October 28, 2019

Japanese writing oh and some 1957 Topps

No one commented on the Japanese box I posted yesterday. So throwing it out there tonight.

I'm not sure which way is up. Would love to know what this says.

Now for something else vintage.

1957 Topps. Lots of them tonight. Taking us through page 11.

There's are a bunch of recognizable names here, let's look closer at a one.

My next page from the binder I picked up in September.

Gil being the biggest name here.

Page 10:

Almost complete 8/9 with several big names.

Spahn being the biggest at least from my Braves point of view.

Now let us peer into page 11>

Al Dark the biggest recognizable name to me. Now, these are the cards that came in the binder.  I dis already have a card from this page.

The Mick himself. Mickey Mantle was not part of the HOFers that came in the binder. It is important to remember this as it might have something to do with the contest at the end of this series......Just saying.


  1. Did Mick get trimmed?

    Mack Burk ... that is a name, and a card, that I am ashamed to say I never knew before now.

    1. No, Mick is okay, anything I put on the scanner side closest to me (especially the bottom corner)cuts the right edge off and a bit of the bottom.

  2. Wish I could read Japanese so I could help you out.

  3. Awesome. Top picture is the correct orientation!

  4. The Larry Doby from this set is probably one of my top 10 favorite vintage baseball cards ever!