Friday, October 25, 2019

Ebay wins

I must be getting a little stir crazy again as I have been going overboard on Ebay.

Introducing my 2019 Topps Update Braves. 

In reality, I bought two complete sets of Update. One for the set build, and the other to break apart for my Braves and other PC guys. I used probably 200+ of the 300 cards... Nuts!

Grabbed me a Smoltz autograph from 2015 Cooperstown.

Panini National Treasures game gear 7's of up and comer Kyle Wright.

These 10 Donruss cards are the 2019 SSP's. They only come in Chronicles. Which after opening a lot of that stuff, I had only pulled 3, so when I seen the complete set, I pounced on it. Last year's Chronicles only added 3 or 4 SSP's for Donruss and was easier to get.

Here we have another relice card from Chronicles: Hometown Heroes. Nice dual relic of Tatis Jr. The other two PC guys are the Silver version refractors.

2019 Sapphire Edition Braves. Well, 6 of them anyhow.

A couple of Bowman Sterling cards, and a couple of 2019 inserts.

Another Chronicles (Absolute) relic card and a pair of Obsidian cards from this years Chronicles. But these two came with .....

these 12 Obsidian cards. It was a 17 card lot, 14 different. The extra 3 cards were all rookies, so they went into my RC box. One day I'll have to consolidate those things (RC), and go through them to see how many $1,000.00 cards are in there. JK, I probably don't have any hidden gems in those boxes, maybe a few $10.00 cards.

So, as you can see I've been busy on the bay and there is still more that hasn't come in yet. 

Have a safe and happy weekend!


  1. Awesome stuff! I've been slowing down on my eBay purchases. The whole sales tax thing has impacted the way I bid... and as a result I win way less auctions. It's probably not a bad thing though, because I have tons of stuff sitting in my office that hasn't even been sorted.