Wednesday, October 9, 2019

After the show

No, I'm talking about Brian McCann's retirement announcement after the horrible loss yesterday. Still sad about the loss. After the Villages card show last month I went to see my buddy Bob at the flea market with the $50.00 worth of stuff I bought for him. He let me pick some stuff out which makes up not quite half, but here they are.

Yeah I grabbed a Puckett rookie.

These oldies too. The really great news is I still have about 20/30 bucks worth of credit with him.

This officially closes out the Villages card show. I might show what else I grab from Bob to cover the difference, but who know when that will be. I need to get some trade posts out and some other posts before moving on to the Tampa card show. Then I still have the harvest from the card ship in Warner Robins that I went to this past Saturday. I'll say this.....I will be going back.


  1. That was a tough loss. I was rooting for the Braves. Oh well, they should be very good for a long while with their young studs.

  2. I was totally bummed that the Braves lost. Was hoping to see an Acuna/Soto showdown.

    Awesome Puckett! And I love the early 50's Bowmans.

  3. Tough game.

    I think those DK Squires look pretty cool, actually.

  4. Never a shortage of neat things for you to show!