Saturday, October 26, 2019

2019 UTZ.....Help, PLEASE. And a Zap!

Utz, is not a brand of chips offered way down here in the southeast. The Braves have 5 cards in the set.

11) Dansby, 19) Markakis, 36) Acuna, 69) Freddie, 72) Teheran.

Who out there has these? Any of these? I want to trade for them. Would love to get all 5 in one fell swoop if possible. Will even trade vintage..............Hit me up.

Got to squeeze a couple of baseball cards in here today.

The mailman just dropped a PWE in my box. It was a small zapping from Kenny. He was being silly on the return address, put it from Luis Torrens Fan club out in San Diego. I seen the postmark from NY so I wasn't fooled.

I needed this refractor from 2017.

I needed this very young Kimbrel (and didn't even know I needed it). Wow, just a youngster.

Kenny put in a few other cards that I already had like this SP Maddux. But, this one is a keeper too. You see I just noticed that ball Greg is playing with is autographed.

Not positive it's his signature, but either way this copy will go into the Wacky binder.

Now, we all know how Kenny likes "repacking" cards and here is the wrapper he used for me this time.

I'm not sure that this model is 18, but either way the future looks good. Now for some more Japanese to throw out here.

I found this at my Uncle's house and 1) not sure what it is and 2) have no idea what the inscription says.

I'm also not sure which way is up or down.

this is the other way.


  1. Ditto on the Utz cards. I've been on the lookout for the Dodgers ones myself and no Utz anywhere.

  2. Never seen any Utz chips in my neck of the woods either... and I'm about to dive into a Zippy Zapping package right now. Well... in about an hour.

  3. I live in an area where you can find Utz chips, but I can't find the cards anywhere.

    1. I live in an area where the cards taste better than the chips.

    2. Unfortunately I'm lost with the translations for that. Sorry bud.

  4. I've bought plenty of Utz chips, even bags with MLB team logos plastered all over them, but no cards to be found.