Friday, October 4, 2019

Less than a LINCOLN and my 4th Villages purchase

Not a whole lot at this table. The vendor had 2 tables covered in singles with a few small sets. Everything was BUY 1 GET TWO FREE.  The singles were priced at a buck, so that would make them .33 each when you count the freebies.

The Hostess counted as 1 card, but I have since made them two. (Both are PC guys). Total for the 9 cards $3.00. Less than a Lincoln.

These sealed complete sets are POST sets. They were priced at $3.00. I told the guy if I buy 1 and take my 2 free ones, that'll leave just one, can't have that. So I got all 4 sets for the $3.00. Less than a buck a piece.  Less than a Lincoln too.

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