Friday, November 1, 2019

Non BRAVES from Warner Robins

Grabbed up a handful of non Braves last month on my trip.

The relic/auto cards were originally marked a buck a piece. They were actually the very first things I looked at. grabbed a big ole stack, and I said you gonna work with me on these? 10 cent Tony Gwynn relic card for a dime.

I wasn't sure what that Arrieta was to begin with. Throwback Thursday card.

High end cards.

As a reminder I spent all day at Charlie's shop. I hope to go again tomorrow, just not sure yet. I brought back apx. 3200 cards and spent a total of $325.00.  That is a dime a piece. Very pleased. The only foreseeable problem is that it is a card shop, and a small one at that so the trips will be limited due to the fact that after a few of them, I will have seen everything (except for new product being busted open). 

Have a great weekend all.


  1. That Diamond Anniversary Babe Ruth is a beaut, and was a steal at a dime!

  2. Wow. $325? You don't mess around. That 2001 UD Legends Gwynn jersey card is one of the first jersey cards of Mr. Padre I ever added to my collection.

    1. Once I know the dealer is going to deal, I'm no holds barred. I go until I run out of time.(or money- which I did both on this trip)