Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Villages card show and A CONTEST Mickey Mantle giveaway

Okay just a reminder or back drop if you will. I quit going to the monthly card show in Jacksonville Florida. May was my last trip to the show. It was a 2 hour ride each way from Valdosta, and 3.5 from my house in Florida. I'd been going there for several years, and had spent thousands of dollars each year (sometimes at a show) there. Besides a couple of friendly vendors that I miss, I had to stop (my principles) because of "that" incident with the a-hole. This left me missing card shows even more than usual. Back home (in FL-card shows every week somewhere close by). The Villages, has a quarterly show. It's big, super nice show with around 80+ tables *rather vendors*. Always, always LOADED with vintage cards. I had went to the January show there and picked up 7 binders of 1/2 sets like the 54' & 55 Bowman I showcased early in the year. I had to miss the shows in March/April and June. Issues here with my Uncle and with my house in Florida (the septic went out). Probably too much info there. Anyways, I was aching, pain-stakedly hurting to go to a card show. I was excited to do this trip back home. I had plans to see and spend time with 2 of my daughters of course 1 of them would be an additional 4 hour drive south of Ocala. Saturday Sept. 7th, made arrangements to have a helper come in at 5 am, so I could head straight to the card show, before hitting my house. I also stopped by the flea market to see my buddy Bob after the show and before I got home. It was on the way. Did that, did the show, went to my house perused my purchases, ripped open the ComC package I had just shipped there, spent an hour or so with my youngest daughter and a couple with my grandson, went to bed (although I couldn't sleep) got up at 5 am and headed down to Ft. Myers spent the entire day with my eldest daughter including a hole in one on the putt putt course which netted a free round of golf. They don't just give you the free round. You have to spin a wheel and it must land on the hole number that got you the hole in one, I did that (BTW, it was hole 12). I gave that token to Christy to use for a later date, because this course lets you play additional rounds- no limit (after the first) for $1.95 on the same day, so why waste the free one. Man, my fingers are cramping. This really is a short story. Cards are coming soon, I promise. Another night of no sleep, and headed back to Ocala to spend some time with Hunter (my youngest). She works days, so the evenings is what I had to look forward to. That didn't pan out so well, she was only there/home for an hour or so before my bedtime (and I'm a night owl) both nights. That did piss me off a bit, but hey Damn Millennial's (I really really like saying that...Damn Millennial's). Came back to Valdosta early on Wednesday probably should've come back on Tuesday. An exhausting trip as you can see for the 4 days. Got back to Valdosta early on Wednesday and immediately started unloading and sorting, scanning, and planning these posts for which you are about to receive, hehehe.  

At the show I made 5 purchases. The first one, wasn't in my plans to do so, but I had to. I will be breaking the rest of this shows posts down by the purchase. So purchase one was from a guy that has (2) card shops in Gainesville (Go Gators!). He used to have his a lot of stuff on consignment at My buddy Eddy's huge ass store in Jax (until he sold it this year). So, let's see what I didn't plan on buying right off the bat. 

Love that Hoyt!

This dealer has a shoebox (1600 count box) full of vintage cards. One side was baseball which I bought them all, the other side was all 1966 Batman, and I didn't buy them, as he really wanted $2.00 per card. No way, not me, ain't gonna do that. Like I said I did buy the baseball, and those are the cards you will see here tonight, and will also be a contest!!!!! CONTEST........


The first to guess the correct amount of what the cards in this POST cost me, will win a MICKEY MANTLE card! A vintage Mantle card. Requirements to enter contest. Be a follower of this blog, (be the first) to guess correctly in the comments on this post. 

I can live with the scribbling on those two cards, at least for now.

Let's switch up years.

These two 54's were upgrades that I needed.

Not a ton of big names or rookies...... yet.

Always nice to add some 52's.

Yeah, I put these in the wrong order, oh well.

I'd say that Willie qualifies as a big name.

Staub rookie!

Piniella RC, man he looks so so young there.

A couple of PC guys, not to mention trophy cups.

Koufax, Drysdale, and a Brave!

2 more PC guys (and another cup).

Gaylord Perry.

All big names, and a beautiful UNMARKED checklist.

Another big name.

Oh yeah, there were some ancient Bowman's in the box too.

Thompson and Kiner.

Like I said, there was some Bowmans in the box.

You'll just need to ignore the Yaz see there, I couldn't crop that out.

These two are not in the best shape.

Okay, now you don't have to ignore the Yaz! That wraps up the cards that I needed for my set builds. Now, let's look at the dupes that were also in the box.

Bowman dupes.

A batch of 57's (just wait until you see the last purchase from vendor #5).

Lots of unmarked vintage checklists.

The Yaz scratch off is NOT a dupe. This is just where I scanned it. Some more big name players. Dupes of super stars and HOFer's are not a problem for me as I can use them for the PC!

This Mays has an issue, but my PC doesn't mind at all. Gaylord's rookie card.

A very young Rizzuto!

No, that is not the vintage Mickey Mantle that this contest winner will receive.

Yep, these three dupe Rookies were in the box. I did leave them in the top loaders.

More vintage unmarked checklists, with Mick too!  Did you know/remember that there are two variations of the last Mantle checklist?

Yes, all of these were in the box too. And yes, both versions were included, and yes this or one of these is the prize card. I know it isn't the vintage Mickey Mantle card you were hoping for, but hey it is a vintage Mantle card.

You can see noth backs here with the McAuliffe variations.

A closer look.

I did plan on buying vintage cards, just not dropping a big wad right out of the gate without having strolled the aisles to see what all was there.  Not a bad box (or 1/2 box). The cards were all sleeved and in top loaders which I had to remove as I do not use them. That ate up a lot of space in the box.  But there you have the cards from my first purchase. Guess what I paid for them.


  1. Man, those cards...love the 1960s cards.

    I'd say $500, but it's really just a guess.

    Good job!

  2. That's a lot of nice cards. I've always loved the 1954 bowman vic raschi and the 1952 bowman paul richards.

  3. Some sweet cards there! I'll guess you talked the guy down to $200.

  4. Dayum. I'll be jealous if it was much less than $300. Not in the contest as I already have the Mick checklst.

  5. Good lord that is a lot of vintage! I’ll saw you got an amazing deal - $100.

  6. What an amazing amount of vintage! I'll guess $275.

  7. Replies
    1. You win! Breaks down to a buck a card!

    2. Dude... that's an insane deal. Not sure what I love more... all of the early 50's Bowmans or the 70's rookie cards. Congratulations buddy!

  8. This is the equivalent of some people's entire collection... and to think that you got all of it in one fell swoop!