Monday, June 24, 2019

Weirdest interaction with a card show dealer.

The last time I went to the Jacksonville card show was back in May. I didn't go in June, and I really don't want to go next month either. I do need to see 2 of the vendors. One wants me to buy a million cards from him, and the other is my favorite dealer anywhere anytime. I'll have to figure out what I'm going to do. On to the story.

I've been going to the Jax. card show every month (99.5% of the time) for 5 years. Without a doubt I know that I am the biggest customer to show every month, and usually to most of the vendors too. I've always tried to balance things out among the vendors. There are the one and outer's that I usually just glance over what they have and move on. I'm serious, the vendors usually fight over (not physically) who is buying my lunch when the "dealers" place their food order. So, the last time I was there a frequent vendor, was there and I noted to myself that I had never so much as looked at his tables in the past. Pretty much organized. Cards in binders or boxes in order except for some 64's. He had them priced at a buck each. I already know and any other dealer there knows ain't no way in Hades I will be paying a buck a pop, especially when I'll pull a hundred cards or more. This guy who had to know who I was, was like oh man, I'm sorry they're not in order. I said no worries, I went to my vehicle and got my book came back in and sat down at his table (this was around lunch time), the food order had already been placed. I had a spicy chicken sandwich coming from Chic Fil A.

I wound up spending an hour going through those 64's with a break at the half way point. The food was there, I went to the table outside of the card room where the dealers were eating, had my sandwich and back in I went for the last thirty minutes. When all was said and done, I had $103.00 dollars worth, keep in mind ALL COMMONS, no stars, and NO high numbers. NM BV has these at $4.00. I'd say at best these were EX, at best. I'm thinking a quarter a piece, but I didn't say a thing. I had my stack, handed it to him and said you have to work a good deal for me. (I didn't say it, but after all I did do ALL of the work). He comes back and say $95.00. I quickly said no way, too much. I didn't even counter offer as He was NO where in the park. He immediately responded by calling me a "F-n A-hole", screamed it out loud. he should have kicked out the place it was a hotel and children could have been present. Just as fast I quickly turned away from his table and was walking away. he again, yelled you F-n A-hole and said you spent an hour at my table like that was my fault.......?  I kept my cool, and proceeded walking away I was really pissed off, and just as I was hitting the corner to see my buddy (the one who wants to dump a Million cards on me) to settle up with him and leave. I  was that angry. He again yelled out the same thing (that's 3 times), by that time I was at the corner which just so happen to be the organizer corner, I went straight up to Frank and said I won't be back. That clearly ticked him off. I went over to Eddie (my buddy) He had some 64's out too. I wound up pulling every card I had already pulled from the idiot and had marked off of my printed want list, plus a dozen more STARS and high numbers plus an EX-MT 69' Hank Aaron. Eddie says give me $100.00. I did.

I really don't want to go to that show again as long as that guy is there. I hope Frank learns that the $75.00 he makes off of this guys table doesn't make up for the thousands of dollars each year that I won't be spending there.  Only time will tell.  Anyways, that is my weirdest interaction with a card dealer.


  1. You handled it better than I probably would have.

    1. I forgot to mention that it only took 15 minutes to pull the same cards plus the extras from the other vendor.

  2. Damn. That sucks. I'm not even sure why that guy was so upset. And even if he was, there's no reason to be disrespectful and yell obscenities in public. Not very cool.

  3. That's part of the reason I don't like card shows or even most LCS I've been too...the owners always seems rude and inconsiderate.

  4. Wow! That's crazy! You handled it well and hopefully the organizer will do something about it. Thanks for entering my contest.