Monday, June 24, 2019

Best Baseball Card Ever

Obviously, this is subjective. To each their own......they say (and I agree).  Some collector's have A favorite player, someone else might think a vintage card is the way to go, yet others may only know and relate to non-vintage (or un-vintage in some circles) players or current ballplayers.

Sampling of each are below.

Me........I am a bit (tad, little, smidgen, teeny) different. Okay, maybe I am big-time different. I am pretty sure my favorite card in my collection is my Hank Aaron RC. That is if I really had to pick one. I have a lot of favorites and tend to describe those as "one of my favorites".

Image result for 1954 TOPPS HANK AARON ROOKIE

"NOT MY ACTUAL CARD".  Mine is back home. I borrowed this image from the web.

But do I think that card is the best card ever made? No, I do not think that card is the best card ever made. The "best" card ever made could be in terms of quality, but I don't think that is what Daniel is looking for. The "best" card could be that minor league brand "Best", but I don't think that is what Daniel is looking for either. Again, "best" is subjective in all ways of looking at it. Best action shot, best head shot, best portrait, best card design, the list goes on and on and on and on and on get the picture.

There are best "turning two" cards, best "play at the plate or wall" cards, best "superman" cards, best "dirty uniform" cards, best "bunting" cards, best "high five" cards, and even best "bubble gum" cards. All of which at some point were mini collections of mine. For instance, my favorite "mini" collection is my "Bubble gum" collection.  No, not a single one of them will fill the category of "best card ever made". At least not for me.

No, I have a card in my mind. This card makes me stare at it every time I look at it or a scan of it. It is a card that puts me in "AWE" every time.

Yes sir (and Ma'ams) this card to me.....KEY WORDS....."to me" is the best card ever made because of the way it makes me feel (AWE) when I look at it. It's just great, fantastic, fabulous, inspiring, and whatever positive adjective you can come up with. I love this card. put an end to this post it is all subjective and to each their own for whatever reason they choose.  All I can really say is that I hope the future will bring more cards that make me feel the way this one does. It should which means this card might get put on the bench, but until then.........

I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope i win, I hope I win.........  :)


  1. That is a cool card, I've never seen it before.

  2. That is an awesome card! Good choice!

  3. That was a really solid contest entry! I thought for sure that you were going to go with something vintage, which made the reveal at the end just that much better :)

  4. Like Greg... I'm not sure how this card could have possibly slipped by me. Especially when you consider how popular SC blog posts are when this product is released each year. Anyways... best of luck in Daniel's contest.

  5. Great card for sure! I wish it was RJ as a D-Back, but I get why it says Mariners (the picture is from Seattle). Thanks for entering my contest!