Friday, June 14, 2019

Last of the nickel star PC guys

I was going to make a different post for tonight, but instead I decided to finish this scan file so I can delete it.

These guys are PC guys that I haven't made lists for yet. Just have the bulk sitting in boxes waiting to be sorted and then entered.

I definitely over 500 PC guys by now.  I'm a complete idiot for doing this I know.

I can't help myself.

A lot of the "off" brands in this scan tonight. i tried to group together the best I can. Which of the off sets is your favorite?

Nice batch of Gold Label. When I grab these up, I don't bother looking at which class, or even if it is a parallel. i just grab them all, and figure the mostly base class 1.

A boatload more of Stadium club.


That's a wrap!


  1. Gold Label was such a nice set back in the day!

    1. Agree with Gavin. Loved the card stock and the shine. It was like the eTopps predecessor.

  2. Over 500? That's a lot of player's to collect! I don't think you're an idiot (your words) for doing so though, especially if it's something that brings you joy.