Tuesday, June 4, 2019

A Trade Post

Last week a trading buddy from FL sent me an 800 count box of cards. It was loaded with goodies and a note saying "have fun with these".

All needed Braves cards. Man, do I like knocking off me some parallels from the need lists.

I needed these too.

Let's move on to what else was in the box.

A pair of autos, and a pair of buybacks. One is heading to Shane it's on his missing list, and the other is heading to Greg.

Look at all of those Mookie Betts cards, followed by that very nice shiny 2014 Bowman Kris Bryant.

More stars in parallel form.

And here we close with some "mini" Stars.



  1. Wow what a trade package! Can't believe those Betts cards in particular.

    Also, I'd seen your message about a buyback for my franken-set, but a Pilots buyback?!?! Nice!!!

  2. That is one generous friend that you've got there!

  3. This is not your ordinary care package. Look at all of those Betts rookies... and a Bryant to boot.