Monday, June 3, 2019

Sketch this

Here are some more odd balls I picked up last month out of that dime box that cost me a nickel each.

The Deion Sanders card lokks like that Upper Deck card from the 90's.

I have no idea about these cards, but by the time I actually update the PC's again (next year) I should know what they are.


  1. Some of these look like the cards in the National Chicle set from about a decade ago.

    1. I checked them out. They are 1993 unlicensed. sports art images and are part of a 30 card set.

  2. Interesting cards. The look like they'd be cards you'd find in a 90's baseball card magazine. Then again... they wouldn't have the words "promo" on the back.

  3. These cards are really well done. Thanks for posting