Friday, June 14, 2019

2019 Topps Inception

These boxes are expensive for the number of cards, and I could not see myself paying for one. So what is a guy to do?

Base cards.

A couple of purple cards numbered to 150.

And an orange card numbered to 50.

Jumbo autographed patch numbered to 125. (Just so happens is a 1 per case hit)!

And an autographed patch card, not sure if this is a parallel or not.

Boxes come with 1 pack and only 7 cards. 1, just one autograph or autograph patch card per box. The hobby boxes cost $70.00 and up.

I went to Ebay and searched for Braves lots. I found the cards above. Had a BIN price and also a make offer which I made an offer and the seller accepted. With shipping..........$25.00.

That is a hell of a lot better than buying a box of 7 random cards. I got 9 cards, ALL BRAVES, a case hit, the what would be normal hit, and 3 color parallel cards. That's what I'm talking about.

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  1. Reverse box breaks are the way to go... especially on these one or two pack per box products. Great job!