Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Wacky Wednesday

Hump Day again, man it seems like this day rolls around every week.

This 2009 Topps Update card reminds me of the big dollar boo boo Topps did with Hendrick card a few years later. You know I had a couple of those and actually sent one unknowing of the value in one of those flat rate boxes I used to send out. I still to this day, don't pay attention to "variations" when set building (for the most part).

Grape Gatorade.

I don't like the Rangers, I don't like the AL, I don't like Andrus, but I do like this card. It might even be one of those black foils too.

You want to talk about wacky, well I'd been watching the mailbox for a week, thinking I was due some 78' OPC cards from Ebay. My box came in yesterday, sorted them (put them in order..all 97 of them) when I realized they were 78 Topps. I was pissed, I looked at the invoice it said 78 Topps, I went onto Ebay, and sure enough it was 78' Topps. I have no idea why I was buying 78 Topps. Maybe it was because it was $8.00 for the lot BIN.  I don't know what I was thinking. I've completed the set and only need to upgrade a few to EX-NM.

#'s 6, 7, 20, 40, 72, 259, 268, and 320.  Talk about a wacky move.

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  1. I've made similar mistakes. One time I thought I was buying a box of 1992 Gameday and that's exactly what I received. A empty box. When I checked the eBay description that's exactly how it had been described.