Friday, June 14, 2019

Under-rated sets

I said a couple of days ago that I'd be posting some odd stuff. Here they are.

Not so much as odd, but the throwback uniforms are great. 1993 Studio Heritage.

A 1994 Score Cal Ripken insert set.

1995 Upper Deck Sonic/Coke partial set. I did get most of them though. I really like these cards.

1996 Leaf MVP Contenders.  Mike Piazza won I believe.


  1. Sonic is the best of the bunch.

  2. Even before I was interested in the old-timers, I always liked the Sonic set, it's just got such a great visual appeal to it.

  3. Those 1995 UD Sonic/Coke cards are fantastic! Great design and photography. Don't think I've ever seen that set before. Never really liked the 93 Studio Heritage... but gotta admit it's pretty cool that they got all of the big stars to come in and change into cool throwback uniforms for a photo shoot.