Saturday, June 8, 2019

1983 Kellogg's

Not our usual Shadow Shot Saturday, but that is okay. Today, I 'm highlighting an underrated set.

When it comes to Kellogg's, collector's tend to show off the older sets.

But, let us give some credit here. These cards are GREAT!!!!!!! Even Tony the Tiger says so.

Loaded with stars, super stars that is. Lots of HOFer's in here too. 23 of them in fact, plus at least 3 more that should be in such as Pete Rose, Dale Murphy, and Don Baylor.

Top to Bottom, good looking set I have here with only a small amount with cracks which you can see clearly.

The cracked cards were all together in the package they originally came in, so I'm guessing that the original owner had sat something on that side of the package.  All in all this set is gorgeous, and I just wanted to give it some much deserved attention.


  1. Any Kellogg's lenticular set... 70's or 80's... is much appreciated by this collector. 23 hall of famers is super impressive. If I owned a complete run of Kellogg's sets, I'd consider breaking down the # of hall of famers in each set... like Night Owl does with the Topps sets.

    P.S. Lovin' the Fred Lynn 'stache!

  2. Sharp-looking design on the '83 Kellogg's set, for sure. Kids must have eaten a lot of cereal that summer.