Friday, June 7, 2019

Mix it up

I still have plenty to show from the May card show. 2 more of the nickel cards and several others, but today, I thought that I'd break out the cards I pulled out of a QUARTER box, that wound up costing just .08 cents a piece. Less than a dime. (like some car commercials).

You might remember the Braves highlighted right after the show in early May, especially the Hank Aaron that came with that Joe Dimaggio. (this scan is NYY heavy) I love seeing Inception cards in the quarter boxes, and wouldn't mind paying .25 for them either (as long as I'm not building a huge stack). Numbered, Tribute cards too, parallels at that. Yes in deed, stacking I must do and then keep my fingers crossed when I ask the seller how much.

Museum too, take the PC guys for sure.

Thew dealer had a ton of these things in his quarter box too.

Finishing up with the rest of those damn Yankees.   Had a decent stack (these plus the Braves 62 cards), I asked how much and the dealer said.....  drum roll $5.00. SOLD! All day everyday. Only a couple of times here and there when I ask a vendor how much do I say that's too much or more than I was thinking. I am usually good when they spout out there price. Just like this time.

Have a great weekend. I still have several posts left from this show. Not all high end stuff either, maybe some odd stuff as well.


  1. That didn't seem like too bad of a price. Are you now going to be working on that National Baseball Card Day set?

  2. Yeah. Can't go wrong with that price. Nice purchase!