Monday, December 24, 2018

Year End Closeout

How did I do with my goals set for my hobby in 2018. In a nutshell.. I did okay, not GREAT.

Here's the breakdown.

1-5) I give myself a pass on each. Not going to give a grade, just going with so so.

1) Get the PC updated: I accomplished this (2.5 years worth), but wiped me out time wise and started a burn out feeling.

2) Update the PC web pages: I accomplished that too making it easier to see what I have for each player, but at the same time realizing that until I am 100% caught up one will never know if I actually need a card or not.

3) Break up all of the sets that I decided NOT to build and place those keepers in the PC. Well, I got most of them broke apart, but it made the PC pile just get bigger. I did know that going in. i still have several more to do, but hose will have to wait until I get back home permanently and even then maybe a year or two after. My house/bedroom is a disaster with me living here and things all outof place and just stacked up everywhere. It is not good. I will have a lot of WORK with my collection once I get home, I mean a lot.

4) Put a dent in the Rookie Cup cards. I did okay so so if you will. But not satisfied. I'll fix that in 2019.

5) Get as many PC guys that didn't have any cards (zero cards) as I could.  I did great here, but still there are a handful of old-timers I still need at least 1 card of (at least I think I do). I won't know for sure until I actually get the PC caught up.

All in all most of this years goals dealt with the PC, which ultimately caused a feeling of discontent. Not going to let that happen again. On a positive note 2018 got me to cross the 100 follower mark, which makes me happy.

Next week I'll reveal my 2019 GOALS and you'll the different focus.

Happy New Year's folks.

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  1. I'm afraid to look at what goals I set for myself in 2018. Gonna guess I didn't as well as you did.