Wednesday, December 26, 2018


More Player Collection cards from that last box. It is the last scan of PC cards.....sort of. After tonight, there is just one more scan..  The one that closed the deal.

A pair of Trouts is always good.

These non logo cards are exceptional.

Those last two scans are probably dupes, but oh well.

I would imagine these are dupes too.

But these aren't, at least not dupes from the previous monster box.  I boo booed with the Jeter card mixed in.

A shiny Posey Rookie.

I'm didn't even think about putting them in correct order until after I scanned them. Then I said oh well.

Last of the bunch.  Now tomorrows post closes the deal, literally.


  1. Cool Trout play at the plate! Never seen that one before.

  2. Damn that Posey is awesome! That Bonds Turkey Red isn't too shabby either.