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The Atlanta Braves can be traced back to 1871 making it the LONGEST continuous MLB franchise. Many of you already knew that. I decided to put a twist on the Braves history by skipping the Boston, Milwaukee, and finally Atlanta stuff.

Many of you folks actually have or live in a city with ties to the Braves. The Braves minor league/farm system goes back to1932. Tonight I'll run the cities and towns through 1949.

1932  The Harrisburg Senators were a A team for the Boston Braves through 1935. Also in 1935 the McKeesport Braves were farm team.

In 1936 the Boston Bees (called that until 1941 when they returned to the Braves) had a AA team: St. Paul Saints, and farm teams Knoxville Smokies, Watertown Bucks, and Massena Grays.

In 1937: A- Scranton Miners, farms- Columbus Senators, Salisbury Bees, Zanesville Grays, Beaver Falls Bees, and the Ottawa Braves.

In 1938: A- Hartford Laurels, farms- Lexington Bees, Salisbury Bees, Erie Sailors, and Evansville Bees.

In 1939: A- Hartford Bees, farms- Owensboro Oilers, Bradford Bees, Utica Bees, Charleston Senators, Allentown Dukes, and Evansville Bees.

In 1940: A- Hartford Bees, farms- York Bees, Evansville Bees, Bradford Bees, and Owensboro Oilers.

1941 brings back the Boston Braves (no longer using the Bees): A- Hartford Bees, farms- Evansville, Bridgeport, and Bradford Bees.

1942: A- Hartford Bees, farms- Evansville and Bradford Bees, Welch Miners, and Greenville Burley Cubs.

1943: A- Hartford Bees and no active farm clubs.

1944: AA club Indianapolis Indians, and A club Hartford Laurels. no active farms.

1945: AA- Indianapolis Indians, A- Hartford Bees, farm- Mooresville Braves.

1946: AAA- Indianapolis Indians, A Hartford Chiefs, farms- Evansville Braves, Jackson Senators, Vancouver Capilanos, Pawtuckett Slaters, Raleigh Capitals, Leavenworth Braves, Miami Beach Flamingos, Richmond Roses, Bluefield Blue-Grays, and Owensboro Oilers.

1947: AAA Milwaukee Brewers, AA- Little Rock Travelers, A- Hartford Chiefs, farms- Evansville Braves, Pawtucket Slaters, Jackson Senators, Las Vegas Wranglers, Eau Claire Bears, Amarillo GoldSox, Leavenworth Braves, Ft. Lauderdale Braves, Bloomingdale Troopers, Richmond Roses, Owensboro Oilers, and Bluefield Blue-Grays.

1948: AAA- Milwaukee Brewers, A- Hartford Chiefs, farms- Pawtucket Slaters, Evansville Braves, Jackson Senators, Eau Claire Bears, Kingston Ponies, Leavenworth Braves, Mount Vernon Blues, High Point-Thomasville HiToms, Marysville Braves, Bluefield Blue-Grays, Owensboro Oilers, and Richmond Roses.

1949: AAA- Milwaukee Brewers, A- Hartford Chiefs and Denver Bears, farms- Pawtucket Slaters, Jackson Senators, Evansville Braves, Eau Claire Bears, Owensboro Oilers, Marysville Braves, High Point-Thomasville HiToms, and Bluefield Blue-Grays.

We'll run 1950 through 1965 on part two.

Have a great night!

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