Sunday, December 23, 2018

PC 2

The middle edition of the PC additions this week.

The Ted Williams Rookie Sensations card is not the shiny kind. Black numbered backs. For some reason I think those were parallels, but I can't remember this late in the game.

The 2 Panini cards pull off the no logo well.

That 1999 McGwire is not a 1999, another Bergers best. I was so stoked to see the card as first, because I want all of those HR cards, Sos'a too. Then of course I peeked at the back.

Good bit of Opening Day inserts this go around.

Can't go wrong with silver borders and white framed cards.

Almost knocked out the 2015 Diamond Kings needs. I still need #3 for the base, and the ATDK need 10, 17, and 27.

Shiny Tony's.

The Preferred more than likely are dupes. We'll find out next year when I update the PC binders again.

More purple.

Opening day purple foil.

and 4 blue foil that look really good.

Wrap up the rest tomorrow night.

Be good.

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