Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The Game continues

This edition has the non PC autographs and relics from the box.

a bunch of sticker autos.

These 3 aren't bad although the bottom two are stickers. I really don't like the sticker autos. That would be one hell of an improvement (to lose them) along with all the parallels. Just way too many. I'm good with 2 or 3, but anymore than that, just nuts.

These on card look SO MUCH better!

I need a base card of Elih Merrero for my NAMES binder.

The Jersey Kings are bland even though 3 different colors. Logos here were make a world of difference. Now that Russell card is not and works without the logos too.

For commemorative patches the All Star one isn't that bad looking.

Going to close the game out with these whatever you call them. I did include PC guys with these medallions things.  I remember when they first came out, my dealer buddy back home (Bob) had a bunch of these traded to him, and on the very day he got them someone paid $25.00 for the Kershaw. 

Anyways folks  remember that there were 2K cards in the box. Time to make your guesses.

First US follower to correctly guess wins, and if no one hits it spot on, the first closest without going over wins.

Have a great night and good luck.


  1. I'm guessing you got a real bargain and paid $20. You probably should've specified limits on the # of guesses per hour, day or year, lol.

  2. Holy moly. That El Duque is SO AWESOME. I love his signature.

    I’m going to go with $80.

  3. I've got no idea. Some of this is stuff I'd never buy! (God some of those Panini autograph designs are atrocious).


  4. You've gotten some insane deals over the years. The streak continues. I'm going with $15.

  5. Nice haul of cards. I'll guess $50.

  6. Brand-new reader here. Just for fun, I'm going to guess that it was free!