Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Clothes for Christmas and some wood

When I was a kid, one thing you knew you were getting for Christmas was clothes. Yeah, there would be a toy or two thrown in also. Clothes was always going to be there. Back then, there was no "school clothes shopping" and what not. You got your new clothes at Christmas, shoes too and as was usual they'd be a little bit big so you could grow into them. Your stocking if you had one would be filled with fruit (apples, oranges, and tangerines). Hey it was better than getting coal, which I'm sure I deserved many times. I'm not the only one who can say that now am I?

Well, Mark (Fuji) was kind enough to send me a Christmas package.

Wood is better than coal. I already had this one in my Braves team binders so this one goes into the Auto/Relic binder for everyone. So it's all good.

Some more wood.

Here are the clothing items.  Yes, that Furcal is listed as a Dodger, but he IS wearing a Braves uniform which works just fine for me. Braves binder he goes. I do the same thing if reversed.

Had this Smoltz already too (in the Braves relic Binder) It is nice to put him in the Relic binder.

Had this one too. I do have a gray one and white jersey of this card in the Braves binder, and yes I see them as different.

Needed this one. Do you see anything "OFF" with this card?

Here, let me help you.

Game used BAT, yeah I don't think so. That one totally went by the inspectors. LOL.

Needed this one too. It is so hard to see the white patch . That card would've been better to have left the swatch out, and had Tommy sign the card. that spot is perfect for a signature.

Not sure about the head in the background. It looks like Furcal. I did have this one too, but same as the other three, they will go nicely into the standard relic binder. My website said I needed it though. Not too many Braves in the standard relic binder as one could imagine.

Wrapping up with this McCann. I wonder how many relics Topps will put into the market next year with Brian back in Atlanta.

There you have it my new clothes for Christmas, thank you Mark. Always appreciated.

Have a great night. Happy Holidays.


  1. I've never seen a relic error before, how interesting! Never heard of getting fruit in your stocking before either, that's even more interesting!

  2. Fruit in your stocking??? Are you from the 1870s? :)

    I hatgot irritated at my parents a little too much for getting clothes for Christmas. About as much as that Furcal Braves/Dodgers card irritates me.

  3. Oh man... that Furcal bat/jersey card got past me too. Lol.