Friday, December 21, 2018

I did it again

That local card shop closed it's door yesterday, so I thought I'd run back by and see what deal I could get. I knew there were a half dozen more boxes like the one I got last week.  I grabbed the one I thought wasn't full of the same stuff as last time. There was close to 20% of the same stuff, but there were more cards this time....more like 2500 cards. With some BIG differences.  The first will be tonight's post.  MINIS! 271 OF THEM!

As per my usual Braves first with a MILLER for that binder.

As you can see many are parallels.

For the birthday binders.

Now for the PC's, still all minis.

Then there was this one.

Yes, Gavin this one is in your stack.  BTW, I finally made that huge customs list.

Even a handful of Gypsy Queen.

And these Kimball Champions.

The ones below are available for trades.

That purple and yellow are the first ones that I've seen.

Lots of inserts too.

Colored borders.

All kinds of minis. I know many of you guys collect these things.

Have a great night, I'll show off the PC's regular sized cards next and then close out this box with what it took to close the deal. More on that later.


  1. Closed its doors for the holidays or for good? That is a nice mini haul.

  2. Dang. Really nice mini haul. Love it!

  3. Great Christmas Card!
    Looking forward to checking out your list for customs.

  4. Sad to hear about another LCS closing its doors... but glad to hear you were able to swoop in and grab another nice box.