Monday, December 17, 2018

Black Friday goodies from COMC

My order finally came in on Saturday. I scanned em' up and we're ready to go. I decided before Turkey Day that I was going to do one of those Black Friday things, so I started loading  my cart with Braves. I got a bunch.

Tonight is just the older stuff, oh yeah we call those vintage..

I cropped that horribly, although there really wasn't too much to begin with on that side. 80/20. It's got some damage that I can most certainly live with. I need a ton of these Braves yet.

Knocked another 54' Topps off. Leaves me just 3 more Braves: 59, 206, and 210.

I also only need 3 more for the 55 Topps: 47, 155, and 161.
1956 Topps just need #31 and for the 57 team #283.

1954 Bowman. I picked 2 of these up so I could put one with the set builds.

1959 Topps #40 the correct version, now I only need the 40a error, the one that the 3 is NOT messed up.

Kind of got this one out of order. Another card I picked up two of.

Can't go wrong with this Brave!

This Matthews wasn't cropped badly, it is that off center. Good news though, this completes my Braves team of the 1965 Embossed.

55 Bowman.

Super skinny. The description was 1968 Bazooka.  Here it is next to the embossed card.

Poorly cropped nice looking card.

Two old Fleer cloth stickers.

This is another tiny "paper" card. 1969 Global Imports playing card.

yeah its tiny.

Closing out tonight with these 1969 MLB Photostamps. Just need 3 more.

Have a great night, and I'll be back tomorrow with the more modern stuff.


  1. 1968 Bazooka? Huh, never seen those before.

  2. Lots of great stuff here. Fleer cloth stickers rule! And like Jon... I hadn't seen a 68 Bazooka card before. Very cool.

  3. I have a COMC Black Friday haul to show off soon as well, though yours included way more vintage than mine.