Tuesday, December 18, 2018

More from Black Friday

Picking up with the more modern cards from that Black Friday COMC haul.

Beautiful looking scan, starting out with that atomic refractor from 2016 Sapphire edition.

Just need 1 more of the 2000 Hank Aaron card 237 for the team set (still need the other 4 for the set build though.) Haney Retrofractor. My first Braves Desert Shield card. I am going to grab every one of those I find for cheap (Braves or not). 1991 Topps is just NUTS. We've all heard of the GLOW BACKS, did you know that there are 2 variations of glow backs? Bold LOGO and not bold. The factory sets are NUTS toos, as they are all glow backs, but a mix of BOLD and NOT bold. I grabbed 3 factory sets the other day for FREE!!!!!!   3 Chipper glow back rookies, yeah me! 

Now, how about that Smoltz for .71?

The Braves should've NEVER let Kimbrel go. I was so pissed back then. At least McCann is back to wrap his career. Gold Swanson, Preview Klesko, and a Javy Sample.  Nice page.

I will say this out loud.....I HATE TEK!

Topps Stars Chipper pre-production, Chipper Pro cards, I had the team set already, but I picked up a couple more as they were cheap enough at $3.00. Stained Glass inserts are the bomb, just gorgeous.

The Field Access Maddux is awesome!

More Tek, a red Aaron, green Phil, and a shiny Chipper to close out the COMC order.

Have a great night!


  1. Who's giving away 1991 Topps factory sets? 3 Chipper glow-backs = jackpot!

  2. That is a nice Field Access Maddux card. What year is that one?

    My favorite card is the Javy sample, even though I was never much of a Sportflix fan.