Thursday, August 4, 2016

A BIG post

Yep, more over sized cards for your viewing pleasure.


There were several of these photos, different players too.

I probably should have scanned the individual cards in this set.

Among all the great stuff in the buyout were a few of these 1997 Studio Portraits packs each came with a pack of the regular size cards too. I scanned the few decent cards from those. I have completed both the base set and the Portraits sets, so these large cards will go into the PCs.  The griffey is water stained.

The Jeter is stained too     :(.

The Maddux isn't stained and I needed him for the Braves team set. SWEET!

Here are the best cards from the 4 packs.

With the 4 jumbo Studio packs were several 1997 Pinnacle Zenith 8x10 packs.

Each of these came with 2 8x10s one in Dufex like the Maddux above and came with a regular pack too.

Just wanted to get the Braves out first.

Nice shadow shot.

that's all of the 8x10s. Let's look at the individual packs.

pack 1:

Pack 2:

A couple of Braves.

Pack 3:

Maddux and a Jeter.

Pack 4:

Yeah, dupes in one pack, get used to it.

pack 5:

see, 2 Bonds. What was unusual ( I thought is that they were the first 2 cards in each pack).

Pack 6:

2 Javy.

Pack 7:

No dupes with this one. But got another Jeter for the PC.

Pack 8:

I guess if you must double up, doing it with Jeter isn't a bad way to go.

Pack 9:

no dupes, but another Chipper works for me.

Pack 10:

Wow, another Chipper and Jeter. That was a lot for one viewing, but it's over now.


  1. These are cool! I don't remember the Zenith oversized cards. Cool Jeter(s)!

  2. That Zenith Chipper is AMAZING!!!! What a killer photo. Going to have to pick one of those up for my Hidden Gems binder.

  3. Love that oversized Zenith set. Kinda like Pinnacle's version of TSC.