Sunday, August 7, 2016

Mickey Mantle Set

As promised here is that 30 card Mantle set front and backs because they are pretty cool themselves.

He certainly looked like his dad.

I could use an extra one of these for one of my "mini" collections.

Definitely wouldn't mind another one of these for the Franken Jersey Number Set.

This one would work in the multi-exposure mini collection, but wait there's even a better one.

Yep, this one.....

Hey Brian a bat rack in the photo.

This one go well in the cameo binder.

As would this one.

and this one too.

Even this one.

And a few that Nick may find nice.

I do believe I will be keeping my eye out for another one of these sets, just so I can break it apart. Actually 2 more (1 for the Mantle binder).


  1. These sorts of player-centric or team-centric box sets seem to be gold mines for mini-collection hits. There are some real photographical gems in this one, particularly!

  2. Glad to see the entire set in one place.
    I've got about a third of this set, and I'm hoping to complete it.
    Sorry, I don't have any dupes of the ones you mentioned.

  3. Looks a lot like the DiMaggio set they made at about the same time. I've seen the Triple Crown card before, but none of the others. I'll have to track this one down!