Monday, August 15, 2016

Olympic Tease

Timing was perfect for this spot in this part (#1) of the "Promo" section of the last haul of cards. It is the end of the first round of scanned cards barring the one for tomorrow.

As I said  just a tease. These came in Tuff Stuff Non-Sport Collectibles magazine/price guides. The price guides were actually a very thin "pop out" and the rest of the magazine was about the several of the highlighted sets for that particular issue.

Pretty sure I have a few more from this series, but that is later.  I called this post a tease for a reason. I did get a couple of other regular sized trading card Olympic sets, but wasn't sure if you folks would want to see them. SPEAK NOW OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE.  If you want to see them just comment below.

I didn't know what to think when I seen this opened wrapper with a lot of cards tucked in it.

Nice card stock, but I wasn't impressed with the rest.

These I love, they're BLUE. They will fit nicely into the insert section. I just made that up, but otherwise the back of the binder in my newly devised The Colon Collection binder.  Over the last several years I have given away all that had that weren't clearly Braves. But now, I have the first three sets (although I am missing a handful from the 2nd series 19 to be exact. I've even made a list (not online) for the Braves cards I still need.

Tomorrow should be another treat, one I am very excited about.


  1. I want to see the Olympic cards!

  2. I just got some of those oversized Olympic cards last month... hadn't figured out where they came from yet. I got I think 8 of them, but you show some I don't have.

    1. Tuff stuff was not sold locally so that explains why I never saw them in 96 as well. Do you know how many were in the set?